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                              自然语言处理与信息检索共享平台 自然语言处理与信息检索共享平台

                              Point to the point : Uyghur morphological segmentation using Pointer Network with GRU

                              NLPIR SEMINAR Y2019#9


                              In the new semester, our Lab, Web Search Mining and Security Lab, plans to hold an academic seminar every Monday, and each time a keynote speaker will share understanding of papers on his/her related research with you.


                              This week’s seminar is organized as follows:

                              1. The seminar time is 1.pm, Mon, at Zhongguancun Technology Park ,Building 5, 1306.
                              2. The lecturer is Yaofei?Yang, the paper’s title is Point to the point : Uyghur morphological segmentation using PointerNetwork with GRU. This paper is his research work.
                              3. The seminar will be hosted by Boahua Zhang.
                              4. Attachment is the paper of this seminar, please download in advance.

                              Everyone interested in this topic is welcomed to join us.

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